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Sustainably harvested from our farms in Somalia

SOM GUM COOPERATIVE sources its Frankincense and Myrrh Resins from the highlands of Somalia. Our resin harvesting and production follows a series of steps:

  1. Tapping: We carefully apply tapping techniques. Tapping spots are made on the trees from which the resins are collected. For the best quality, the trees are then left for up to 14-18 days to exude the drops or “tears” of resins.
  2. Harvesting & Seasoning: Harvesters manually pick the tears of solidified resin and then season them to prevent clumping of the tears which can affect their eventual grade quality.
  3. Batch Testing: Samples are taken from each batch and steam-distilled. The oil is tested for Optical Rotation, Specific Gravity, and Refractive Index.
  4. Cleaning & Grading: The raw material is then further processed to remove all foreign materials completely. During our cleaning process, resins are sorted into grades based on color and tear size and undergo final quality control.
  5. Packaging & Storage: Resin products that successfully pass our quality control are then packaged industrially and prepared for export.